Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mirrored Image

(art deco asian living)

One of my favorite interior styles is art deco.  You're probably thinking how can someone who loves vintage French country headboards and distressed wooden farm tables also find a place for art deco in her home, but I promise you, if curated with just the right balance, these styles are easier to combine than you think.

The first connection is that the origins of art deco come from Paris in the 1920's.  It influenced many facets of design around the world from architecture, interior design, fashion, jewelry and even film.  It's a style know for high glamour, modernism, utilitariansim and elegance.  Some of Manhattan's most iconic buildings are examples of the style:  The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building's spire, and the GE Building at the heart of Rockefeller Center.   With the economy flourishing during the Roaring Twenties, people had a strong appetite for luxury goods.  Art deco furniture, opulent and sleek, became a popular investment, and mirrored pieces were of the most sought after.

The Chrysler Building, 1930
(James Maher Photography)

I love decorating with a few mirrored pieces, my favorites are side or end tables, vanities, and coffee tables.  They look great placed on dark wood floors, next to black laquer or stark white furniture, and I like to accessorize them with a few color pops from decorative pieces placed on their surfaces.  However, use color sparingly around mirrored furniture; every item placed on or near is doubled.

A few rules I follow when personally decorating with mirrored furniture:  They must be placed carefully and tastefully (e.g. one piece in a room is usually enough, unless you live in a penthouse apartment in a big city or are going for all out LA-glam look--my Norfolk nest certainly isn't), too much reflection can be overwhelming.  Mirrored pieces can make a room appear larger and brighten a space with elegance and high gloss.  They are certainly investment pieces so take your time selecting.  I recommend a few websites when researching these pieces including Neiman Marcus Horchow, and a lesser known site Glam Furniture.  For other editorial ideas, Elle Decor recently did a feature on mirrored furniture that is definitely worth reading.  Here are a few pictures that use mirrored furniture perfectly.



(Elle Decor)

Sarah Jessica Parker's bedroom
(Elle Decor)

(HGTV Secrets from a Stylist)

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  1. I am totally picturing that mirrored desk in your chic home office with a chocolate lab curled up underneath.


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