Monday, January 23, 2012

Front Door Decor

On January 2nd, while some continued to nurse hangovers, I tasked myself with taking down all our holiday decorations. Having spent Thanksgiving in New York this year, I had experienced nearly 40 days of Christmas. By day two of 2012 I was ready to store the ornaments and window candles and toss the dry pine sprigs and holly.  However, it was harder to take down my traditional boxwood wreath that was still green and had held elegantly held court on our front door since the first week of December.  A bit reluctantly, it too found it's way to the trash can.  For the next few days I would pull into our driveway and my eyes would fall on the naked wooden door, reminded that holiday cheer had seemingly evaporated overnight, replaced by Outlook Calendar requests and unrealistic New Years resolutions.

Yet just when I had accepted that a wreathed front door would have to wait until next December, FedEx delivered an unexpected suprise.  A beautiful coastal arrangement by Calyx Flowers with an enclosure card from my parents wishing us a happy 2012.  It was so thoughtful and just the accessory our new home needed.  The gold and white composition of dried leaves and seashore treasures creates a beautiful contrast on the black paneling.  Norfolk has experienced a pretty drab month of overcast skies, rain, and cool temps, and my wreath provides much-needed curb appeal until the bright blooms of spring arrive.

Here are a few more pictures of front doors I like. Although I am drawn to colored front doors, we're planning to achieve that vibrant pop of color by installing two flower boxes on our downstairs windows this spring. We will fill them with ivy and colorful flowers--an ideal addition to a coastal cottage.  We spent New Year's in Charleston and took lots of pictures of the flower boxes on the beautiful historic homes for inspiration.

Coastal Living Magazine

Home Curb Appeal


Charleston Magazine

Five Star Painting


  1. I am rooting for the blue door from the Coastal Living Magazine. You should definitely paint your door aqua blue, and add flower boxes just like those to complement your front door. You may want to add the lamps as well, for extra pizzazz. ^__^

    Allyson Sunde

  2. Paint color and embellishments emphasize the beauty of a door. Without them, your door will look plain and ordinary. If you want your front door to stand out in your neighborhood, you should choose an eye-catching color and add striking features in it.

    Rolf Matchen


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