Thursday, July 14, 2011

En Vacanes: Greek Isles, Santorini

Neglected Norfolk Nest.... how I've missed you. I'm back from a month of travel, reinvigorated and ready to share reflections from my trip, truly a trip of a lifetime. The next few blog posts will chronicle my journey through Western Europe, highlighting the design inspirations (with the occasional food, sites, etc.) I encountered along the way. I will post in chronological order: Greece, Italy, France, saving the best for last...Paris!

The majority of these images (except the ones I took), including the two above, are courtesy of my husband who was the perfect travel companion. When he wasn't sightseeing and photographing or reading his Kindle, he was managing the renovations via Skype that have begun on our new house. YES, WE FOUND OUR HOUSE! More to come on that because the house is currently undergoing some major rehab and I'm waiting to unveil it with our "before and after" pics. So until I can blog more about our new house, I will start with our time in the idyllic Greek Isles...Santorini and Crete.

walkway to our "cave house" room in Ios

We stayed in the area of Oia on Santorini and anyone planning a trip to this small Greek island should stay here. It's is the most pristine and picturesque part of Santorini and the views are breathtaking. Oia was built on porous volcanic rock and most of the hotels and guest houses are carved out of the side of the mountain. The landscape of Oia can only be described as magical as the sun bounces off the blue domes and dances on the white stucco walls that sit high above the calm Aegean seas in the caldera.  For our first house we plan to use a lot of blues, whites and grays.  They are crisp, clean and soothing. Perfect for a home near the water's edge.


Bell tower of Catholic church in Oia

sailboats moored in the caldera


Oia skyline

One of Oia's most popular forms of transportation

view of the caldera from our cave house

Greek salad. Perfection.

Oia sunset from Amoudi Beach, considered by many the most beautiful in the world

we sailed around Santorini and watched the sun sink below the sea

wine tasting in Santorini; known for the indigenous grape assyrtiko

Greek tapas (smoked white fish on potatoes with capers and cucumber)

Domaine Sigalas vineyard and winery in Oia
Next up...the anciet city of Chania in Crete.

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