Thursday, August 4, 2011

En Vacanes: Venice, Italy

Our final stop in Italy was the magical, water maze northern city of Venice.  From the first few minutes dragging our suitcases through the cobbled streets trying to locate our bed and breakfast, we fell in love with the ancient lagoon town.  Our accommodations were provided by the 16th century guest house, Campiello Zen, in the Santa Croce neighborhood.  

view from our guest house

I could spend days wandering the backstreets of Venice.  With every zigzagging path and gracefully arched bridge, the water weaves around you and laps against the crumbling buildings.  The only sounds are “bonjourno” pleasantries as the locals pass one another, and the occasional motors from distant boats navigating the Grand Canal.  The painted, playful Venetian masks peer out of many shop windows, awaiting their annual performance at Carnevale.  

With the exception of a half-day trip out to the island of Murano to visit a glass blowing factory, most of our days were spent exploring the streets of Venice.  We meandered through the famous fish and produce markets, intentionally got lost on back streets, took hundreds of photographs, and, when we needed to get off our feet, we sampled the local cicchetti (mainly seafood-based tapas) and cold frizzante (local sparkling wine).  

Rialto fish market where seafood has been displayed for hundreds of centuries

our last night in Italy on the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal

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