Friday, April 15, 2011

Charlotte Graces Charlottesville

Yesterday evening my friends and I attended a book signing and charity shopping event at Caspari in honor of the elegant interior designer Charlotte Moss.  Her new book Charlotte Moss Decorates is distinctive and stunning and I loved meeting the artist and fellow Richmond native. The store was colorfully decorated in celebration of Virginia spring, complimenting Charlotte's ladylike, inspirational taste. Waiters passed fresh lemonade with rosemary sprigs and tiny tea sandwiches while guests mingled and perused the Caspari collection.  Charlotte graciously held court at a Caspari desk, greeting attendees and signing copies of the book.

display of her books, cocktail napkins, bags and notepads
Charlotte's latest design tomb is certainly my favorite. Divided into sections 1-12, the tastemaker shares prosaic design philosophies to open each chapter and closes them with utilitarian style ideas under the rhetorical header "Why Not?" There are a few I will most closely take to heart when decorating my Norfolk Nest and one that truly resonnates with me as I tend to make quick decisions and impulsive purchases. Creating a home requires patience and discernment, Charlotte guides in chapter 10: "Sometimes you have to explore tons of ideas before one crystallizes, or maybe you circle back to the first one. Decoration is a process that begs exploration. Be patient---you may have to kiss a lot of toads." Toads have abounded thus far in my rental apartments and I vow to take my time and bring home as many princely pieces as I can for my Norfolf Nest.

A Flair for Living (the book that preceeded her latest); best for someone not
afraid of going grand with home decor

Bring the smell of spring into your home with Charlotte Moss' candles
appropriately named "Virginia" are floral fragrance of lily of the valley, jasmine and rose

Caspari had gorgeous displays throughout the store

Charlotte Moss napkins with design words of wisdom

Charlotte signing my book

my new coffee table favorite
"There is a place in all of us where creativity brews. Tap it, let it go, don't fear it; I promise it will never let you down." --Charlotte Moss 

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