Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today is a busy day and I leave tonight for DC and then New York.  So this is a short post (without any pictures of home interiors) in celebration of spring's imminent arrival in Virginia.  I was inspired to write about flowers because a few days ago my husband brought home the most fragrant hyacinth in my favorite color. He found it at the Charlottesville flower shop Hedge where they source most of their flowers and plants from local growers.  We placed the hyacinth inside our green Vietri pot and it fit like a glove.  When working from home I like to put it on the window sill next to my desk; it provides indirect sunlight for the flower, and the joyous promise of spring for me.  Yesterday I snapped a couple pics in between work emails and phone calls.  In the next few weeks spring will bloom in Charlottesville.  Until then I have my hyacinth providing sweet aromas. 

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