Monday, March 7, 2011

Ottoman Empire

hand-carved from mango wood
There is nothing better than coming home from a long day and putting up your feet.  I find such joy in sitting in our oversized arm chair, nestled in a cashmere blanket, cup of tea in hand, feet elevated on the ottoman.  After an especially busy day it nearly rivals an hour of vinyassa flow.  This one above is from one of my favorite online fabric and furniture stores called Serena and Lily.  Their collection of fabrics is amazing and I will certainly be on trolling their site once we are settled in Norfolk.

A little Monday morning etymology....the word ottoman was first introduced into the English language in the early 1800s.  It is synonymous with "footstool" due to its typical use in a reclining postion, a European association with the fashionable Turkish style.  The original ottoman furnishings were tall and cylindrical, resembling the long, rounded hats worn by Ottoman government officials.
original ottoman shape, modern color
Currently we have a matching chair and ottoman, but I'm on the hunt for an ottoman true to its original form: one that can stand on it's own or can pull up to a chair.  We also have an extra large dark leather ottoman (below) that serves a dual purpose as our coffee table with the wooden trays on them, or a very comfortable place to raise your weary legs.  I love a multi purpose piece.

Ottomans can take so many different shapes and sizes.  I prefer one in a bold color with plenty of room for big feet (I wear a size 10 afterall).  Here are a few others I like. 
Candace Bushnell's living room with Morrocan ottomans
(Elle Decor)
bold pattern, neutral color with carved dark wood legs
white alligator ottoman
round, white, crisp
(Lucas Allen Photography)
blue leather tuft

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