Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tile File

Mosaic tile backsplash that provides a glamorous shimmer;
I also love the chandelier and Hollywood regency cabinetry

Below is an old piece of tile displayed in my kitchen came from my Dutch relatives in Rotterdam.  My grandfather on my dad's side was first generation American and his family is from this major shipping city in The Netherlands.  My aunt brought the tile back for me when she visited our relatives and I cherish it as a reminder of my heritage. I'd like to use the white and blue colors as inspiration for my first kitchen.

I plan to write more about tile and the process of tiling when we move into our new house and hopefully have a chance to role up our sleeves, source some tiles, and tackle a DIY project.  Until then, I find myself tear-sheeting different types of tiles for my inspiration book.  From kitchen backsplashes to fireplace frames to bathroom floors, I have begun to educate myself about the various types of tiles and how they can truly transform a space.  I'm drawn to both symmetrical graphics (mainly for bathrooms) and intricate mosaics (most often for outside spaces such as lining a walkway or for an outdoor bar or terrace).  Here are a few that in my binder for future reference.

Ann Sacks blue mosaic

Tiles by Ann Sacks
(white haven interiors)
engraved terra cotta; I love this for outdoor flooring

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