Friday, March 11, 2011

(Sun) Bursting with Joy, Off to China

(Telegraph UK)

We are Beijing-bound in less than 48 hours.  Ne-how China!  I have researched various markets and interior design shops in the three cities we will visit (Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong) and I can't wait to explore them all. Upon my return in two weeks I promise to combat the heavy weight of jetlag and immediately post some pictures and memories of the design inspirations I find.

Until then, let's celebrate Daylight Savings this weekend.  When I return the days will be longer and I'm very thankful this long, bleak winter is coming to a close.  It's time to spring forward.  Out with the EST and in with the EDT. Daylight Savings welcomes in an extra hour before the sun sets, an extra hour to enjoy the evenings without the full cloak of darkness.

In honor of more sun in our days, I've posted some of my favorite sun-centric mirrors.  (The first one is from Kellogg Collection in Richmond VA that I found with my mom the other weekend.)  On my wish list for our first house is a statement sunburst gold mirror for the dining room.

So for the next two weeks I'll be battling the masses on my first Asian adventure.  I will explore as much as possible with plans to troll many Chinese bazaars, unearthing some intricate silk fabrics for framing, porcelain tea sets, or perhaps a set of antique foo dogs.  I'm ready to head across the globe where I'll constantly be seeking inspirations and ideas for my Norfolk nest back home.

Sunburst wall in Max Aria's home
(Harpers Bazaar)
sunburst sweet dreams
red mosiac above vintage dresser, love this
love fireplaces in bedrooms
bright ideas for a work space

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  1. thanks to my friend fu ke li who studied in beijing, she told me it is ni hao. so i should have said: "ni hao china.'

    dui bu chi and xièxiè fu ke li (sorry and thank you keely).


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