Monday, February 14, 2011

A Clairvoyant Cookie

I cracked it open and there it was...

While I could use my first post to introduce myself and explain why I've decided to join the masses and start a blog, I'd rather talk about a very special cookie.

After a particularly greasy "linner" or "dunch" (what we call our 3pm Sunday meals that could be a early dinner lunch or a reall) of General Tso's Chicken, steamed veggie dumplings and brown rice, I cracked open my fortune cookie. There it was. A message from Buddah himself: "You will move to a wonderful new home within the year."

What made this particular message so profound is that my husband and I had just completed the second weekend in the past month house hunting in Norfolk VA. Trying not to get discouraged that after looking at a dozen places and the two houses that I really loved went under contract before we could put in an offer (for those who haven't experienced this, I liken it to finding a magic carpet, adjusting yourself quite comfortably crossed-legged, ready to take off, only to have a stranger sneak up behind you and pull the finely constructed carpet right out from under you. With no other choice, you get back up and continue the search.) We are still looking for a place to assume our lovely lotus pose, but with the crack of a stale Chinese cookie, I am back to dreaming big. I know our house is out there and we will find it.

Until then, I will continue my obession with discovering new designers and assembling my ever-growing scrap book of inspiration. Today I share my particular love of the grandiose interiors by Suzanne Kasler. You must check out her website, if you haven't already. Here are some rooms in her portfolio.

All photos sourced from Suzanne Kasler's website.

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