Monday, February 21, 2011

Trunk Show

Richard Avedon photography
My favorite animal has always been the elephant. They are majestic and graceful relative to their enormous size, and they have better memories and display true humanistic emotions more than most creatures in the kingdom.  Flipping through the winter issue of Luxe magazine this weekend, I found this porcelain urn by French artist Jean Boggio.

My earliest indicator of my love of elephants is recalled by my parents when they took me to see Disney's "Dumbo" in the theater.  I was four-years old and apparently I could not bare the scene when Dumbo is separated from him mother.  Despite attempts to keep her little son with enormous ears by her side, she is helpless to the circus' metal shackles and Dumbo is torn away, sold to another circus.  I became hysterical, and crying ran out of the theater, flinging myself on the lobby floor.  I never finished watching "Dumbo" that day and scarred for life, I adamently boycotted Barnum & Bailey and began collecting elephants.  Throughout the years, friends and family have bestowed upon me many elephant-themed gifts.  I have over 30 minatures mainly attributed to my grandmother.  She has travelled the world--literally every continent--and whenever she saw a pacaderm figurine she would purchase it for me.
gold elephant necklace
my friend in NYC found it at a street vendor in the city for me
I have collected pictures of elephants in fashion photography for my inspiration book.  They include Richard Avedon's famous photos (see above), Keira Knightly with a baby elephant from Vogue, and a photo of an elephant in front of a gorgeous facade in Paris.
Vogue June 2007

Here are some pieces I'm trumpetting for the home.

a carved wood elephant carries the weight in this airy sun room
gilded bookends take a set of novels Out of Africa
(amazon images)
Thomas Paul Bali red pillow adds pop to a white chair
never forgt your luggage with this tag
white ceramic garden stool
(West Elm) 
elephant toy keeps guard in a children's room

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