Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winging It

Chelsea wing chair
I have never owned a wing chair, but I'm on the hunt for one for our first house.  There is something so elegant and regal about them.  Estate sales are one of the best places to start looking, but if that doesn't yield something I like, I might go true DIY.  I'll find a shape I like at a yard sale or on Craig's list, saving the money on the chair, and put it toward reapohlstering with a fabric of my choosing.  Elle Decor did a great piece on wing chairs in their December 2010 issue.  I'm thinking for my house I'll either do one statement wing chair, with a high back in a bold pattern and sleek shape, or a set of more traditional ones framing the fireplace.  Below are some other wing chairs for inspiration.  I'm hoping that soon enough we will have one (or two) on display in our living room.
I'm really drawn to art deco style black and white motifs;
these are a more modern take on a wing chair with a lower back
pale yellow and leather...i bet it feels like "buttah"
The grey stone, the turquoise chairs, the pop yellow fun
I usually don't like pink, but this set is so French and happy,
I would break my color rule for these
(John Kernick Photo)
a bolder fabric works for a more modern shape

classic white wing chair with a zebra rug
(david jiminez and jose picayo photography)


  1. Blader -- I adore wing chairs as well -- and love that last photo! Good luck hunting -- and keep blogging -- I'm so enjoying it!

  2. Hi Erin,

    I'm so glad I found your blog. We are also in the process of decorating our weekend home. Please stop by and have a look.



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