Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Un Reve Parisien

Today is already good day.  Despite staying out late last night with friends, I awoke before my alarm bright eyed and ready to charge. I put on my new grey Calvin Klein dress and admired how my hair actually obeyed the round brush this morning, flipping out quite nicely. Walking out of the house I'm staying in Washington DC this week, I was greeted  by a cold, crisp temperature and glowing sun.  Hands jammed in my pockets, I clipped along making record time from Kalorama to Dupont Circle.  The white glow of the walking man welcomed me to cross as I arrived at every street corner along Mass Ave and I reached the door to my favorite Belgian patesserie finding no line at the counter.  As I ordered my ususal soy latte and tried to bring some life back into my numb fingers, I heard the voice of the French chanteuse Edith Piaf over the speakers.  La Vie En Rose. Today did seem quite rosy.

Edith Piaf
I listened to the music and thought about my upcoming trip to Paris.  My husband and I are going to Europe for just over three weeks this summer.  It's an optimal time to get away between his business school graduation and starting our new life in Norfolk.  Our itinerary is as follows: Santorini, Crete, Rome, Tuscany (where we'll meet up with his parents and stay at their villa for four nights), Florence, Venice and then (we've saved the best for last)..a week in Paris.  One of our favorite world traveler couples are flying over from NYC to join us in the city of lights where we've rented a two bedroom apartment on Place des Vosges in Le Marais district.  Marais is one of the most centralized part of the city for art galleries.  I'm looking forward to exploring as many of them as possible. 
Place des Vosges; our apartment is in this building
With winter refusing to release its grip and give way to spring, I'm especially dreaming about l'apartement a Paris en ete.   So voila.... I am posting some pictures of gorgeous pied-a-terres.  Our first house will definitely have Parisian influences like a crystal chandelier and gold scones in the dining room and a gilded mirror above a tufted chaise in the bedroom.  Eventhough there are images online of the place we're staying this summer, I'll wait until I can capture them with my own camera.

This apartment is on Place des Vosges and I love the green couch and tiled flooring
I love this flower box of pink geraniums against the dark and delicate wrought iron
A lot of furnishings and accent pieces works with this neutral color palate
The French have never shied away from excess!
I wonder....could I make a pink chaise like this one work in a small Norfolk home?
Couldn't resist including this...
I think she's saying "Take me to Paris or lose me forever!"

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