Monday, February 28, 2011

Coco Couture

Catching up on the highlights from Europe's fashion weeks in Sunday's New York Times, I came across this ad for Chanel.  Wicker has never looked so chic, nor have I seen the classic Chanel camellia as a male accessory.  The black and white 2.55 purse may be worth breaking my shopping rule of no more Chanels in this shape.  Coco had such a vision in the early 1900s, and now with the mysterious and unbelievably talented Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, the French fashion house continues to demonstrate how black, white, and beige are simple, elegant, and glamorous combinations.  Here are some black and white interiors I like and for more, you must visit one of my favorite UK sites for color contrasting furnishings Black Orchid Interiors.  Most of their items are very affordable and they have a big inventory.  I love their black cashmere bar stools and their art deco mirrored bedside tables.  I will definitely be purchasing a few of their pieces once we are settled into our first house.

black and white rug meet black and white dog
simply decorated but the color contrast above and below the
chair railing gives it the wow factor; I also love
the pattern on the door's frosted window
I like this circular mirror in an unexpected place
but don't you know it's rude to put your feet (foot) on the coffee table?
glamorous bathroom,
the geometric tiling are balanced with the curved sink
(Elle Decor)
Mary McDonald interior, for more visit her site

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