Thursday, February 17, 2011

Souk Searching

A simple Souk setting (farm3.static.flikr)
I feel like I'm in need of some serious souk searching. Our current apartment with its white walls and white carpet has always felt too sterile and expected. My next home will be decorated with pieces I find, curate, scavenge, uncover. No more cookie-cutter Pottery Barn post-college decor for me!

My souk searching starts in Morocco. On my short list of places to visit has always been Marrakech.  The obsession began in 2002 when I studied their ancient buildings in an art and architecture class in college. Then last New Year's my colleague attended a wedding there and he returned raving about the city. Here are some pics of Morrocco I like.

Marrakech College (National Geographic)

Moorish home in Morocco (

Moroccan portico (
Then last fall I was in Middleburg VA for a wedding and I discovered the eye-catching patterns of John Robshaw at the home store Creme de la Creme. My husband and I came out with two oversized pillows and a newly ignited love of Indian textiles. Here is the designer...

John Robshaw and his pillows (

And here are his pillows adding some pop to our white sofa...

John Robshaw's accent pieces (pillows, table cloths, napkins, rugs) will make any space instantly souk chic.  Below are our pillows doing wonders for our plain white sofa.  Once we move into our new home, I plan to purchase a few of his woven dhurries. They would make an elegant runner down a hallway, a clean palate for a dining room with a large wood table, or I would put one of their more whismical patterns in a children's room.

John Robshaw Woven Dhurries

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  1. Hey Erin. Just saw that you'd started a blog! Funny aside: my sister dated John Robshaw a long time ago and I still have some pillow cases of his. I love his textiles.


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