Friday, February 25, 2011

Tray Chic

glam bar try
(Epiplo Aris)
My husband and I usually sit for dinner at our dining room table, but there are occasional Sundays when we will eat our meal in front of the television on (trays in our laps, eyes glued to the tube).  For our first house, I'd love to find two retro folding trays that recall the Leave-it-to-Beaver days of tv dinner stands.  When not in use for our Sunday couch dining indulgence, they could be folded and hidden in a broom closet.  However, it's more fun to display them in the living room as an additional bar set up for entertaining (I love layering of a second smaller silver tray on the top).  Another option is we place one, complete with vintage bar ware, in our office (thank you Don Draper, I would like a scotch on the rocks with my afternoon paper work). 

bar tray in Bagdley Mischka's home
(Elle Decor)

(Lily Lemontree Blog from Domino Magazine)

love the black lacquer top
(Paco Munozo in Spanish AD)
wide wooden folding tray
(Domino Magazine)

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